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Brain-centric Design is a proven neuroscience method for presenting information—any information—for complete comprehension and deep understanding.



Whether you’re a corporate trainer, instructional designer, K-12 educator, salesperson, or parent, you are trying to teach someone something. Yet, most people have no idea how to use the primary tool of learning...the brain! Imagine taking your car to a mechanic who says, “I’ve been in business for decades, but I know nothing about engines.” In entertaining fashion, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the brain without the long white jackets and questionable probes.



After reading Brain-centric Design, you’ll understand what learning is on a fundamental level. In doing so, you’ll discover what we call the “shortcut to learning” and how to incorporate it into your teaching environment. You’ll learn how to develop critical skills in your learners like growth mindsets and adaptive expertise. What’s more, your learners will enjoy the process and leave feeling good about the experience.



It’s not your fault—it’s the system. Like the rest of us, you struggle against an outdated model of teaching. You fight this process in all kinds of classrooms. It’s there every time you train a new hire, every time you learn a skill yourself, present a sales pitch, and every time you teach your child something new. Within this system, information retention of a mere 20% is considered a success! You’ll learn why this outdated teaching method is so pervasive and why it doesn’t produce results.



In Brain-centric Design, you’ll learn our BcD model step-by-step. Learn how to transform your knowledge, information, and content into a method that is proven to work. We’ll show you exactly how to take your materials and design a course for increased retention. We want to share our knowledge with the world so you can teach the way people love to learn.

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More than a book. More than an audiobook. The BcD Experience transports you through every chapter presented in Brain-centric Design online delivering you deep understanding!

Any course, pitch, presentation, or body of new information requires you to learn pieces of factual information. Therein lies the problem. Remembering bits of information alone is not deep understanding. Deep Understanding enables the learner to put the pieces together and use such understanding to do things like solving problems, innovating, and creating new ideas.

There are no tests. There are no quizzes. You’ll SEE the shift in your learning as you progress. You’ll actively participate in a safe environment that takes you out of the classroom environment ‘Sage on the Stage’ model you grew up, and into our 21st Century learning atmosphere that is personal, collaborative, co-creative, and works every time.

When you’re complete with The BcD Experience, you will deeply understand how the brain accepts new information, and how people love to learn.

Your presentation of new information to any audience regardless of age, gender, or subject matter will be elevated, and your audience filled with excitement. The simple measure of connecting neuroscience with teaching and learning invokes a paradigm shift in attitude, mental models, and intention for both the teacher and the learner. When the brain is in its element, it knows what to do—learn.


Our Authors


Knowledge is only powerful when shared. Given this, we hope that future generations of educators and scientists will stand on the shoulders of this work, and in doing so, will further perfect this approach to learning and the brain.

Optimizing human performance via personal intrinsic agency is at the heart of Rich Carr and his dynamic passions. An INFJ and honored graduate in Mass Media and Mass Communications, Carr is also an army veteran and a decorated graduate of the Department of Defense Information School, Electronic Journalism School, and the renowned Wizard Academy in Austin, Texas.

Carr owned and operated radio stations, managed television stations, and started Carr Knowledge in 1999 to ignite audience behavior by focusing on how a message would ease into the brain, be accepted and retained, and enable the learner to act on that new information as their own.

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Dr. Kieran O'Mahony is the founder of the Institute for Connecting Neuroscience with Teaching and Learning (iCNtl), a Seattle-based nonprofit that provides professional development for -12 teachers with a view to improving learning outcomes.

As a learning scientist with a focus on cognitive neuroscience, Dr. O'Mahony carried out systems research at the University of Washington College of Education LIFE Center (Learning in Informal and Formal Environments), the first NSF-funded Science of Learning Center that studied the social aspects of how children learn.

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Brain-centric Design proclaims, “It’s Not Clever…It’s Science” This means our system of knowledge is obtained and tested through the scientific method and practical application and documented jaw-dropping results in business. Here are the results…

I was never a fan of the (Whatever) for Dummies books, but if ever a subject needed to be simplified, it would be neuroscience. Carr & O’Mahony have effectively done that for us, making it clear how the brain processes new information, and why humans love to learn.

Roy H. Williams

Author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling Wizard of Ads trilogy of business books

I've engaged Brain-centric Design at two Fortune 100s, with identical results: better employees in about 40% less time. Delivering training the way the brain accepts new information, and how people love to learn, yields happier, adaptive, and stronger employees from new hires through management. They are a critical component to world-class service delivery, and a key foundational pillar of exceptional talent with exceptional learning & development practices. It has been my experience that Brain-centric Design is key to equipping & preparing human capital to achieve an enterprise’s goals.

Jason Clement

Experienced service executive for leading Fortune 100 companies

There must be a way for hardheads like myself to learn how to learn that doesn’t include years of solitary confinement. If you’re reading this, then you’ve likely found it. If Brain-centric Design had been a resource for my younger self, perhaps this testimonial would have been written by Master Chief Brazee, US Navy, rather than Inmate #797180.

Alan Brazee

Washington State Inmate #797180


Brain-centric Design is a pedagogic model for instructional design and facilitation. In plain speak, Brain-centric Design will show you how to arrange your content so the brain will accept it, and present in a way that people love to learn. It’s not clever…it’s science. The brain-enabled methodologies described in Brain-centric Design are meant for educators in every field of learning, including instructional designers, corporate trainers, teachers, salespeople, and parents.
Brain-centric Design delivers learning with Deep Understanding. Your schooling, your college, your training is typically based on ‘The Sage on the Stage’ model of learning; Listen to a lecture, be tested on the lecture, be stratified based on what you remembered. Remembering pieces of factual information alone is not Deep Understanding. Deep Understanding is to be able to put the pieces together and to use such understanding to do things; innovate, solve problems, create new ideas, and to predict. Brain-centric Design delivers this essential human 21st-Century model while instilling adaptive expertise and a growth mindset in all who take part.
Chances are you often present new information to a person or persons. Would you like them to remember a few facts, maybe, about what you present, OR would you like them to take some action with the materials you present? If you chose ‘take some action,’ welcome to the Brain-centric Revolution! We want people – everyone – to understand the brain, how learning happens, and to be able to deliver your presentation so the brain will accept it, and present in a way that people love to learn. We want you to deliver Deep Understanding every time.
Brain-centric Design works in the home, at the office, and for our children. In fact, for it to work, all you need is a brain. For that reason, we can say thankfully that our methods and systems are agnostic of race, age, gender, culture, stereotype, or bias.

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