Become a Brain-centric Instructional Designer...a BcID.

Brain-centric design is a methodology that focuses on creating products, services, and environments that align with the way the human brain processes information. By understanding the cognitive, emotional, and physiological factors that influence how people interact with the world, designers can create more intuitive, efficient, and satisfying experiences for users.

The benefits of brain-centric design are numerous, and include improving productivity, reducing errors, increasing user satisfaction, and creating more engaging and memorable experiences.

Brain-centric training is an investment in yourself and those you care about, by gaining a deeper understanding of how the brain works and how to design products and environments that align with its natural processes.


This knowledge can help you create more effective and efficient designs, which can ultimately benefit your career and the people around you.

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Brain-centric Design's celebrated 14-Week Certification Cohort delivers you the specific frameworks of how to manage the thinking of your audience.  You'll understand how the brain processes information and how that brain loves to learn.